Our staff has more than 20 years of experience developing applications on multiple platforms for many industries:

  1. Entertainment

  2. Programmable audio animatronics firmware for theme park attractions

  3. Event monitor for venue effects such as counting attendees, exit and entrance activity, room temperature, curtain control, background music fading, etc.

  4. Firmware audio digital filter for bass and treble control.

  5. Time code controller for synchronization of film projectors, animation effects, and sound.

  6. Restaurants

  7. Automation of order taking, transmission of order to the kitchen, check printout, sales report of restaurant activity broken down by menu item, creation of shopping list from sales data.

  8. Telecommunications

  9. Synthesis of more than 20,000 nationwide SONET network element counts from circuit layout records including transmission levels, manufacturer model numbers, east and west neighbors.

  10. Extraction of monthly budget spreads and milestone dates of capital project management and accounting system mainframe data for fiscal year forecasting purposes.

  11. Manufacturing

  12. Rules based expert system to diagnose automatic integrated insertion systems problems based on symptoms.

  13. Automation of 6 axis ultrasonic inspection system that maintains the sensor perpendicular to the surface of the part being inspected.

  14. Publishing

  15. Sales force automation to capture orders for advertising space on weekly newspaper while on the road

  16. Defense Systems

  17. Aircraft to missile interface simulation for ground testing purposes

  18. Personal Productivity

  19. Automated checkbook balancing by accessing internet transactions and comparing them to entries in a spreadsheet

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