Facettas is an Apple iPhone application that facilitates the process of employee performance evaluations.  Regardless of the frequency with which your organization’s policy requires performance evaluations, they are critical to the success of the business.  They are an integral part of employee satisfaction, motivation, and performance management as well as organizational and career planning.  Facettas can also be used during the interview and hiring process.  Candidates can be evaluated against the same criteria and a relative score obtained to aid the employer during the interviews.

Facettas - An iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Application

Adding Custom Performance Facets (Optional)

Custom facets can be added to the app if the common ones are not sufficient to accurately profile a given position based on the needs of the business.  To add a custom performance facet, touch the “Add Facet” button at the top of the Profile screen.

The add facet screen includes a facet title, a facet description, the maximum value that will be used for the importance slider, and a list of behaviors that define various levels of performance for that facet.  The maximum value for the facet importance is pre-set to 100 but can be changed if required.

Once a title and a description have been entered, you must provide at least two behaviors that are characteristic of someone exhibiting this facet of performance.  As a reference, touch the detailed disclosure button of a common facet in the profile screen to see an example.  The more behaviors are defined the easier it will be to evaluate an employee or candidate on a sliding scale during the evaluation phase of the process.  For example the first of the common facets (Adaptability) has the following description:

Customer Service

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Note that the first behavior entered must reflect the actions exhibited by a person that is a subject matter expert and/or should have the highest level of difficulty to achieve.  A novice should have no problem exhibiting the last behavior entered.  This ranking is critical to the correct evaluation of an employee or candidate during the evaluation phase.  We recommend the behaviors are written down and re-arranged until they are in the appropriate order before entering them into the app.  New behaviors are added to the bottom of the list.   If a behavior is entered out of order, swiping the entry and touching the “Delete” button deletes it.

Once the behaviors are entered in the correct order, touch the “Done” button at the top of the behaviors screen.  If two or more behaviors have been defined, also touch the “Done” button at the top of the add facet screen.  The new facet will now appear below the list of common facets and is ready to be used to profile any position.  The new facet will appear for all positions.  If the custom facet is not applicable to a given position, just leave its importance at zero.

It has a maximum importance slider value of 100 and a total of four behaviors.  The behaviors are:

1. Ability to involve the whole team and sell the concept of change

2. Ability to anticipate change and exploit it by being proactive

3. Ability to remain upbeat and continue to deliver results throughout the change process

4. Ability to take ownership, be an agent of, and lead change

“The ability to embrace and/or initiate change that maintains/improves the work unit’s performance.  Propose alternative courses of action to de-risk the outcome.”

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