Adding and Editing Criteria

The app comes pre-loaded with more 106 criteria organized into 12 sections that can be used to start evaluating immediately.  These criteria can be deleted if they are irrelevant to your situation, edited if they do not match your requirements, or new ones can be added if a fit cannot be found.

Editing a criterion is accomplished by touching the “i” button at the right of each criterion.  The edit criteria screen shows the criterion’s section, title, and its description.  Change them to more precisely match your needs.  Every criterion must have a unique title so if a title is entered that already exists on the list, the option of replacing the existing criterion or going back to change the new criterion’s title is provided.  Deleting a criterion is accomplished by swiping the row where the criterion is located and touching the “Delete” button that appears after the swipe gesture.

Criteria can be added to the app if the one supplied are insufficient to accurately capture your requirements and/or priorities.  To add a custom criterion, touch the “Add Criteria” button at the top of the Profile screen.

The add criteria screen includes a section, a criterion title, a criterion description, the maximum value that will be used for the importance slider, and a list of levels that define how well an insurance plan deals with the criterion/issue in question.  The maximum value for the criterion importance is pre-set to 100 but can be changed if required.

Once a section, title, and a description have been entered, you must provide at least two levels that can be used to rate how well a plan meets the requirements of the criterion.  As a reference, touch the “i” button of an existing criterion to see an example.  The more levels are defined the easier it will be to evaluate a plan on a sliding scale during the evaluation phase of the process.  For example the first of the “Annual deductible, in network” criterion has the following description:

“The amount you pay for covered in network expenses first, before an insurance plan begins to pay benefits.  Some plans require deductibles for all services, some for just certain types of services;
others require no deductible at all.”

It has a maximum importance slider value of 100 and a total of five levels.  The levels are:  None, Low, Medium, High, and Highest.

Note that the first level entered must reflect the best coverage that a plan could provide for the criterion in question.  This order is critical to the correct evaluation of a medical plan during the evaluation phase.  We recommend the levels are written down and re-arranged until they are in the appropriate order before entering them into the app.  New levels are added to the bottom of the list.  If a level is entered out of order, swiping the entry and touching the “Delete” button deletes it.

Once the levels are entered in the correct order, touch the “Done” button at the top of the levels screen.  If two or more levels have been defined, also touch the “Done” button at the top of the add criterion screen.  The new criterion will now appear in the section defined for it in alphabetical order with an importance of zero ready to be used to evaluate any medical insurance plan.  Before a criterion appears in the evaluation, its importance must be set to something other than zero.

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MedPlanEval is an Apple iPhone/iPad application that facilitates the process of selecting the best medical plan for your individual needs.  Whether you are selecting from the plans provided at your place of employment, from your State’s insurance exchange, or the Federal Government’s insurance exchange you need help in weighing all the alternatives to make the best decision for yourself or for your entire family.  There are two distinct phases to the MedPlanEval process: deciding what medical plan criteria is most important to you based on your particular needs and then evaluating each of the insurance plans under consideration based on those criteria.

MedPlanEval - An iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Application

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