Evaluating Plans

Touch the “i” that appears to the right of the plan’s name to begin the evaluation.  The evaluate screen shows the name of the company that provides the plan and the plan’s name and the plan’s overall rating.  Since no evaluation has taken place, the initial rating is zero.

This screen also has a list of the criteria that were selected and an importance level assigned.  Each criterion will be listed in a row along with the criterion importance (as defined during the profiler phase) and the current rating for that criterion.  The initial criterion rating is zero.

To evaluate the plan’s offer relative to any of the criteria in the list, touch the desired criteria.

This will bring up the performance screen.  This screen will show a list of the levels that were defined for the selected criterion.  The best that a medical plan can offer appears at the top of the list and the worst at the bottom.  A line appears across the middle of the screen that shows the current rating.  As a finger slides up and down the screen, the rating will change to reflect the level currently under the middle line.  If the line is all the way at the top of the first level the rating equals the maximum of the scale, which is normally set at 100.  If the line is all the way at the bottom of the last level in the list, the rating will be zero.  You can assign a rating between zero and the maximum by sliding your finger up and down the screen.

After reading what each plan offers for this particular criterion assign a rating that reflects how good (or bad) this plan compares with the others you are considering.  Once the appropriate rating shows up on the line in the middle of the screen, touch the “Done” button at the top of the screen.  The evaluate screen will re-appear and show the rating for the selected criterion.  Continue evaluating the other criteria shown in the list to get the overall plan rating.  The plan’s rating changes every time a criterion is rated.

Once all criteria have been rated, the evaluate screen will show the plan’s overall rating.  The overall rating is a combination of the importance of the criterion and how the criterion was rated during the evaluation period.  If the plan’s offer rates equally well in two different criteria, the criterion with the most importance will contribute more to the overall rating than the one with a lesser importance factor.  By the same token, two criteria with the same importance will contribute different amounts to the overall rating based on how each criterion was rated.

Emailing Results

The “Email” button on the evaluator screen composes an email message that contains all of the plans that have been evaluated with the individual rating for each criterion.  The user can enter the recipient’s email address before sending the information.  This is useful to share your results with others that are in a similar situation as you.

Customer Service

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MedPlanEval is an Apple iPhone/iPad application that facilitates the process of selecting the best medical plan for your individual needs.  Whether you are selecting from the plans provided at your place of employment, from your State’s insurance exchange, or the Federal Government’s insurance exchange you need help in weighing all the alternatives to make the best decision for yourself or for your entire family.  There are two distinct phases to the MedPlanEval process: deciding what medical plan criteria is most important to you based on your particular needs and then evaluating each of the insurance plans under consideration based on those criteria.

MedPlanEval - An iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Application

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