Follow-Me is a game that challenges the player’s memory, motor skills, and reaction time.  A color sequence is presented to the player and the game waits for the player to tap the appropriate colors in the same sequence.  The game uses four colors, sequential random patterns, and increasing speed in an attempt to fool the player into tapping the colors in the wrong order.

Follow-Me - An iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Application

The Launch Screen

The launch screen is the first view that the player will see after the Follow-Me icon is touched in the iPhone or iPod Touch’s home screen.

The player can tap the “GO!” button to start the game.  If the player elects to start playing by touching the “GO!” button, the GO/Stop alert will disappear from the screen and the first color will flash, starting the first color sequence.

If the player decides to tap the “Stop” button, the Go/Stop alert will also disappear from the screen but the game will not start.  This allows the player to select the “Settings” tab to switch to the settings screen.  If the player does not want to change the settings, touching the “Play” tab button will make the launch screen re-appear.

The game will only start after the player touches the “GO!” button.

The Play Screen

The play screen is the view that the player will see while playing.  This is the view where the colors will flash as the sequence is played and as the player touches the colors in an attempt to reproduce the pattern.

As the game starts, one of the colors flashes brighter.  The game then waits for the player to tap the color that flashed.  Then the game flashes the same color once again followed by a second color.  Then it is again the player’s turn to tap the two colors in sequence.  Colors are added to the sequence until the number of colors in a level is reached.  If the player taps all the colors in the sequence in order, a congratulatory message is displayed with the level the player has reached.  The higher the level, the faster the colors flash.  Each level has the same number of colors in the sequence.  The player is congratulated at the end of each level.  This continues until the number of levels in a phase is reached.  Once the player has successfully completed the number of levels in a phase, the number of colors in the sequence increases and the timing re-starts

The Settings Screen

The player can change the behavior of the game.  To do this, the “Settings” tab must be touched.  The “Settings” tab can be touched at any time the game is being played.  If the player wishes to change the settings before starting the game, the “Stop” button on the Launch Screen can be touched to gain access to the “Settings” tab.

Once in the settings screen, there are three parameters that can be changed.  There is also a “Reset Settings” button that allows the player to return to the factory pre-set settings at any time.  Note that only positive whole numbers are allowed as entries for these settings.  If anything else is entered, an alert is displayed informing the user about the problem and the default entry is used instead of the player’s choice.

Once the player touches one of the three settings fields, a numeric keyboard will come up to enter the desired value.  If a valid number is entered, the keyboard disappears and the entry is used as the new setting from that point forward.

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