MedPlanEval is an Apple iPhone/iPad application that facilitates the process of selecting the best medical plan for your individual needs.  Whether you are selecting from the plans provided at your place of employment, from your State’s insurance exchange, or the Federal Government’s insurance exchange you need help in weighing all the alternatives to make the best decision for yourself or for your entire family.  There are two distinct phases to the MedPlanEval process: deciding what medical plan criteria is most important to you based on your particular needs and then evaluating each of the insurance plans under consideration based on those criteria.

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MedPlanEval - An iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Application

Criteria Set-Up

Profiler Tab has a list of the most common health related events covered by most any insurance plan.  These events are not always relevant for everyone so we treat them as criteria by adding an importance factor to each.

1.All of the criteria in list has their importance factor is set at zero initially.  Every person’s needs are different so while one person may need good coverage on drugs given that they suffer from a chronic illness that requires maintenance prescriptions someone else may be more interested in preventive medicine coverage.

2.Scroll through the list of criteria to locate the ones that are important to you.  If you can’t find a specific criterion that you need, you can add your own by touching the Add Criteria button at the top of the Profiler view.

3.The criteria are grouped into 12 sections: Expenses, Prescription, Inpatient, Outpatient, Preventive, Therapy, Family, Rehab, Mental, Detox, General, and  Other.  Initially they are arranged in alphabetical order within their section.

4.Once you locate a criterion of interest, touch the description and use the slider under it to set how important that particular criterion is to you relative to the others.  For example if a criterion is twice as important to you as another criterion assign double the importance to it.  For example if one is 80, the other should be set at 40. If the criterion is not relevant to your situation, leave it at zero and it will not be used to rate the medical insurance plans.

5.If you find it hard to set the value to the exact importance level you require, use the plus-minus button under the slider.  It will increase or decrease the importance by one each time you touch the button.

6.Once a criterion has an importance factor assigned, its position in the list will change within the section.  The criteria with importance factors assigned will appear first, followed by the ones with zero importance.

7.Once you set up the importance factors for the criteria that are important to you, those criteria will be used to rate all the medical insurance plans.  The importance factors will remain the same, unless of course you change your mind as the importance factors assigned.

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