Deleting a position is accomplished by swiping the row where the position is located and touching the “Delete” button that appears after the swipe gesture.  As a safety measure, the app asks for confirmation before the deletion actually takes place.

To add a position, touch the “Add” button at the top of the screen.  A new position requires only a position title.  The position description is optional but should be completed to provide an overview of the typical responsibilities commonly assigned to an employee with that position title.

Facettas is an Apple iPhone application that facilitates the process of employee performance evaluations.  Regardless of the frequency with which your organization’s policy requires performance evaluations, they are critical to the success of the business.  They are an integral part of employee satisfaction, motivation, and performance management as well as organizational and career planning.  Facettas can also be used during the interview and hiring process.  Candidates can be evaluated against the same criteria and a relative score obtained to aid the employer during the interviews.

Facettas - An iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Application

Working With Positions

The app comes pre-loaded with more than forty positions that can be used to start profiling immediately.  These positions can be deleted if they are irrelevant to the business, edited if they do not match the business’ requirements, or new ones can be added if a fit cannot be found.

Customer Service

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Editing a position is accomplished by touching the row occupied by the position title.  The edit position screen shows the position’s title and its description.  Change them to more precisely match the needs of the business.  Every position must have a unique title so if a title is entered that already exists on the list of positions, the option of replacing the existing position or going back to change the new position’s title is provided.

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